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How Saff Skyrocketed Her Confidence - Inside and Out of the Gym

Entering the gym for the first time can invoke a whole host of emotions:


A sense of overwhelm


And leave you questioning,

“WTF is that machine in the corner?”

For Saffron, she knew she wanted to get stronger and more confident in her body and the gym was the place to do that.

She tried to figure it all out by experimenting alone, but that just led to more confusion.

Was what she was doing effective?

Would it make a difference?

Was she lifting heavy enough?

Mission: Get Stronger and More Confident was on.

Stage 1: Growing Season

Putting on weight is scary.

Especially as a woman.

You’re told your entire life to be smaller, to take up less space

But eating more and growing muscle goes completely against that.

For Saff, this was new territory.

At first, the idea of putting on weight was uncomfortable.

But trusting in the process, Saff knew that eating more was essential to build muscle.

We wanted to capitalise off ‘Beginner’s Gains’

Stimulating as much muscle growth as possible for Saff in her first year of training was going to be key.

The secret formula was pushing up calories, testing the body, and lifting heavy.

Saff’s body and confidence grew.

Stronger than ever before Saff was ready to take on the world.

Stage 2: Shredding Season

After 3 months of building, summer was just around the corner…

The goal was to shred the excess fat and get Saff leaner than ever before.

The best part?

Building muscle made Saff’s body a calorie burning machine.

Tied with consistency in steps and nutrition – we were onto a winner.

Saffron torched body fat, revealing her hard work of the last few months.

On a trip to Mauritius, she sat on the beach in her bikini, the sun scorching down against her skin, Saff soaked in her new physique and confidence.

After her trip, Saff wanted to shred some more.

Time to prep for her a shoot.

Stage 3: The Photoshoot

The most underrated thing in your fitness journey?

Celebrating success.

A photoshoot is one of the best things you can do to celebrate your progress.

For Saff, this was a celebration of the physical and mental journey she’d been on.

Celebrating her:

  • Confidence in her body

  • Dedication to the gym

  • Months of consistency

It was an opportunity to let her shine.

From gym newbie to gym pro

From surviving to thriving in her body

The camera captured her newfound confidence in every shot.

Now it’s your turn…

Like any amazing journey, it all starts with one thing.


It starts when you decided to make a change.

When you decided to choose you.

When you decided to do better, to BE better.

So if you’re wanting to:

  • Skyrocket your confidence

  • Have effortless energy

  • Build supercharged strength

Click here to apply for coaching.

I’ll walk you through the exact framework that Saff used and how we can do the same for you.

Just click here, fill out the form, and I’ll be in touch.

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