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How Mana Lost Over 10kg and Ditched Diet Culture For Good

Like many women in their mid-20s, Mana saw the impact diet culture had on her mum

Determined to not be stuck in the perpetual dieting cycle for the rest of her life...

Mana decided she needed to make a change.

With a string of unsuccessful dieting attempts behind her, she knew she had two options

OPTION 1: Stay stuck in this cycle – destined to repeat her dieting attempts for the next 50 years


OPTION 2: Find a sustainable solution – something to change her life and escape the cycle for good.

In May 2022, Mana decided to make a change.

Sitting at 88kg, her body didn’t feel like her own

Bigger than she’d ever been, she felt uncomfortable, ashamed, and like an imposter in her own skin.

It was now or never.

With two major challenges to overcome, we kickstarted Mana's journey to sustainable results.





Challenge #1: Keep the social life

Having a partner is all fun and games until date night comes around and you hit a crossroads:

Skip it for a salad


Go all out and eat the same as your partner (after all, you’ve been good all week)

Armed with a repeatable system to navigate meals out...

You'll become the envy of all your friends, as you lose weight WITHOUT giving up your social life.

Mana used the Meals Out Framework to do just that.

Date nights with James had never been easier.

She navigated social events how SHE wanted, all whilst seeing progress in her body.

The Meals Out Framework gave Mana:

  • Flexibility to eat out during a diet

  • Freedom to choose foods she wanted

  • Confidence to dine with pleasure and lose weight…

Something she’d never been able to do before.

Challenge #2: Ditch the ‘all or nothing’ mindset.

Like most women, Mana struggled with the ‘all or nothing’ mindset

As a high-achiever in school, perfectionism had served her well.

From good grades to studying her PhD at one of the best University’s in the world – perfectionism has done Mana well…

…In everything but her health and fitness.

The perfectionist mindset trapped Mana in an ‘all or nothing’ cycle.

In the past, if she wasn’t perfect, she’d failed.

She’d fall ‘off track’ and abandon her latest diet attempt.

Typically she’d managed 3 weeks before she couldn’t be ‘all in’ any more and quit.

Desperate to get out of the dieting cycling, this needed to change.

So how did we do it?

By using the Next Best Thing mindset, Mana stopped seeing her health and fitness as black and white.

  • It wasn’t ‘on track or off track’ – it was a spectrum

  • It wasn’t eat ‘clean’ or press the ‘fuck it’ button – it was finding balance

  • It wasn’t perfectionism – it was imperfect action

By switching her mindset Mana did something she’d never done before…

She overcame her 3 week curse…

Actually 10 months down the line she’s STILL successfully losing weight.





(That’s nearly 11kg down)

The Photoshoot

One thing that’s uber underrated in your health and fitness journey?

Celebrating success.

And that’s exactly what Mana’s photoshoot did.

It celebrated the last 10 months of hard work.

But it was much more than that…

It celebrated her:

  • Newfound confidence to ditch the baggy clothes in favour of figure-hugging sportswear

  • Overcoming her perfectionist mindset in favour of sustainable solutions and long term change

  • Dedication to showing up for herself, day in, day out

It celebrated 24 years of growing and taking her life from surviving to thriving.

Now it’s your turn…

If like Mana, you’re fed up of:

  • Being stuck in the dieting cycle

  • Quitting every time you start

  • Feeling low in confidence, energy, and strength

Let’s change that.

Let’s make this the last time you start.

Click the link below and fill out the application form.

Let’s get you feeling stronger and more confident in your body.

Let’s teach you how to navigate social events.

Let’s learn how to ditch the perfectionism and create sustainable long term change.

All you need to do is click the big blue button and fill out the form.

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