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Grab the Healthy Habits Starter Pack for just £5 and you’ve got a foolproof process to put your
Health on Autopilot 

That means no more quick fixes OR trips to see Karen at the Slimming Club – this will be the last time you start.
You'll have the exact method I teach inside my 1-2-1 Coaching programme to lose weight and keep it off.



I’ll also be gifting you for free:

➡️ A 12 week Beginner Friendly training programme (worth £75)

➡️ 3 x sample days of eating (WFH, Office, and Weekends) for 1600, 1800, and 2000 calories (worth £75)

➡️ 0-10k – How to become the Queen of Steps (worth £10)

No tricks.

No trial.

Just a solid offer for women who want to feel confident and ditch the unsustainable solutions.

Mana side by side photoshoot.png
Gaby Mattina.png
Saff photoshoot.png

Mana, Gaby, and Saffron all used the exact methods inside the Healthy Habits Starter Pack to kickstart their journey

Here's everything you're getting for just £5.

I know what you’re thinking – anything sold for a fiver has got to be a loada’ rubbish.

But you're really getting everything you need to know to build incredible habits - all for just £5.


I’ve taken everything that I teach at the start of my 1-2-1 coaching programme and created this comprehensive guide that’ll teach you the foundations of sustainable habit change.

(It even comes with a video course if you prefer learning that way!)

You’re really getting everything I teach on the inside for just £5.


(That’s less than a cuppa coffee and a cake at Costa...)

I’ve also given you the exact formula I use to build new habits (so you can apply it in ANY area of your life)


Plus you’ll get my foolproof method for staying consistent long term.


AND a printable habit tracker ready to track your new habits.


The whole starter pack is worth into the £100s compared to other similar products that are out there…


And you can grab it for just £5.


I’m no maths whiz but you’re getting a pretty good deal there.

I'll be honest...

This starter pack won’t give you EVERYTHING you need to master your habits. After all, everyone is different and I can’t account for any spanners that might come up in YOUR journey (that’s where 1-2-1 coaching helps).

But if you implement what you learn, you will build rock-solid foundations for your health habits and well…


You wouldn’t build a house on dodgy foundations – so why would you do the same with your health and fitness?


Here’s the bottom line. Once you have these foundations in place – you’re going to have everything you need to know about building better habits. The basics will be rock solid.

And tie that in with the £160 worth of bonuses you’re getting for free like the:

✅ 12 week Beginner Friendly Gym Workouts Programme (worth £75)


✅ 3 x Sample days of eating (WFH, Office, and Weekends) for 1600, 1800, and 2000 calories (worth £75)


✅ 0-10k – How to become the Queen of Steps (worth £10)

Well… it's almost completely free at that point…


(And hey – it’s cheaper than a week seeing Karen at Slimming World…)

Why should you listen to me?

Me transformation.png

Hi I’m Holly. I’m an online Healthy Habits Coach who’s helped over 200 women transform their health habits.

If you’re fed up with dieting or want to build a healthy lifestyle without compromising your relationship with your food and body…

I’m your gal.

Whether you’ve got 10lbs to lose or 10 stone (or you just want to get the basics in a better place) – these habits will help.


Now I’m NOT the gal for you if you just want to lose weight quickly and chase another quick fix.


But I AM the gal people come to when they’re ready to make a sustainable change and put their health on autopilot.


And you’re getting an exclusive opportunity to access some of my best strategies for a fiver.

Imogen Photoshoot.png
Ronnie Brennan Transformation.png
Alicja Gorska.png

Imogen, Ronnie, and Alicja all used these exact methods to put their Health on Autopilot.

Why am I doing this?

Well there are two reasons… and I’m going to be completely honest with you here.

Reason 1 – I’m sick of seeing women get taken for a ride on ‘diets’. I spent at least 10 years of my life losing the same 10lbs over and over again. I jumped from diet to diet hoping to magically find the key.


But I knew something needed to change.

If I wanted to lose weight and keep it off – I’d have to make a change that I could stick to long term. I’d have to change my habits.

Now I teach others exactly how to do the same using their habits.


Small changes, big results.


What’s not to love?


And I figured that…


If this is what I needed to make long term change (I’ve lost 20kg and kept it off for the last 2+ years)... someone else could probably find it useful as well.


Reason 2 – I want you to join my coaching programme (I told you I’d be honest). If you’re someone that’s serious about making a long term change to your health and making this the last time you start. I want to help you.


Because you deserve this for yourself.


You’re going to be so blown away by everything in this starter pack that well…


You’ll be amazed at what we can do with 1-2-1 coaching when we add accountability and personalisation into the mix.


You’ll be able to do things you never thought you would.


And you’ll feel more confident than you ever thought you could.


So let’s finally make this the last time that you start and build habits that put your health on autopilot.

Here's everything you're getting for £5

  • Health on Autopilot Framework

  • How to build better habits using the 3S method

  • The easiest place to start

  • Foolproof method for staying consistent

  • Printable Habits Tracker

  • 3 x Sample Meal Plans 

  • 12 week Beginner Friendly Workout Programme

  • 0-10k Steps - How to become a steppin' Queen.

All for £5

Read this before you buy

There are no refunds on this. Don’t buy it if you’re going to make a fuss over £5 for over £300 of value.


What if I’m not happy?


I mean… it’s difficult to see how you couldn’t get AT LEAST £5 of value from this starter pack and all the bonuses on offer.


If you wanna quibble over £5 – for the sake of both of our sanities – maybe invest in something else (I’ve heard Karen’s free in the church hall on Wednesday night?)


And here are a few more testimonials from people who have used this exact system ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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