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How to lose weight and keep it off so you can finally escape the dieting cycle for good, WITHOUT spending hours in the gym, giving up your weekly brunch, or eating fists fulla’ lettuce

(Even if you’ve never stuck to a diet for more than a few weeks before)

Want to sustainably lose weight and keep it off so you can finally feel like yourself in your body again, all without going near a Slimming Club Karen?


Then this is the most important thing you’ll read today.

If you’re tired of wearing baggy jumpers, shying away from the gym, and not knowing how to take care of your body to actually feel healthy… then I want you to meet three women who’ve lost over 10kg (22lbs), put their health habits on autopilot and let go of the dieting hamster wheel for good.


Gaby didn’t have a clue where to start in the gym. Together we worked on building a gym routine that pushed her comfort zone each week. Fast-forward a year and she’s lost 11kg and can’t stay away from the gym.

Gaby Mattina.png


Ella didn’t know where to start with her nutrition. We started with a few tweaks to give her more energy and feel fuller. Fast forward 6 months and she’d lost 10kg, eating way more food than she ever had before. 

Saff side by side photoshoot.png


Emily had done every diet under the sun. She could stick to them for a few weeks but she always ended up falling ‘off track’. Instead of going to extremes, we focused on tweaking her daily habits so she could put her health on autopilot. No fads. No overhauling her life. No missing out on date night. Fast-forward a year, she’d lost 2 stone. She finally felt free from years of dieting and has the habits to keep it off.

Emily photoshoot IG.png

But this isn’t another diet…

This is a habit transformation.


Before I started working with Gaby, Ella, and Emily they were stuck in the ICU (not the Intensive Care Unit… this ICU)

ICU Triangle.png

And you might be stuck there too.


Like every dieter, you start strong – ditch the ‘bad stuff’, do more of the ‘good stuff’. You go all-out with your clean eating, hitting the gym, and giving up alcohol. But fast-forward three weeks and you’re back at square one.

You forgot you had a friend's birthday coming up – and had to miss your gym session. You said you’d have one drink, but 3 sex on the beaches and 2 tequila shots later you’re partying like it’s freshers’ week.


Diet = screwed

And then the next day you’re hanging hard, you’ve already messed up… so what’s the point of continuing?

You start the cycle of ‘on again off again’ harder than Ross and Rachel in Friends. You’re basically in a situationship with your diet.



You hit the gym with high energy and good intentions but when you get there, you realise you have no clue what to do. All you know is the ‘cardio circuit’

10 minutes on the rower​

10 minutes on the treadmill

10 minutes on the bike

You look longingly at the gym equipment (maybe even try a machine or two) but truthfully you don’t have a clue what’s going on. You leave the gym not knowing if what you did is going to actually help you build the body of your dreams…

Or whether you just wasted 30 minutes and spiked your anxiety for no reason.


And when it comes to your nutrition, it’s the same thing. Karen from the office says one thing – flouting her latest dieting endeavour… 


Meanwhile, the Instagram Influencer says another – telling you about her latest juice cleanse.


Then you see that random podcast guy sticking a machine in his arm –


Do I need to do that?!

You think to yourself.


The whole thing leaves you confused about what ‘being healthy’ actually means.


Finally, you feel unconfident, not just in what to do, but in yourself. You feel like you’re failing at this thing you’ve never been taught - how to look after your body and your health. You’re unconfident in photos, in clothes, and in yourself.

And you’re fed up.


Because you know you can do better – you know you deserve better. You know there’s a future where you feel confident in yourself, your body, your clothes. A future where you are THAT girl.

But how do you create that future? How do you find the missing piece of the puzzle?


The thing is…

That’s where I was too.

Hi, I’m Holly, I’m known as the Women’s Healthy Habit Coach and I get women out of the ICU.

“It’s my full-time job to take care of your health and fitness – you’ve already got a full-time job. It’s time to take this off your plate.”

When working with me, you’ll become:





In less than 12 months.

Me transformation.png

​​12 months?! Holly that's such a long time!

Well, my friend, the changes you’ll be making won’t happen overnight. It took me 3 years to get to a place where I’d achieved all that.

So 12 months – that’s the fast track.

But how can you speed it up?

Since I’ve already been there done that, bought the t-shirt that's now is too big for me – I’ve learnt all the mistakes. Since THEN, I’ve been coaching women on how to do the same thing. But how is this different from everything else you’ve tried?

For too long the dieting industry taught women that eating lettuce leaves and doing burpees was the only way to feel confident in your body.

But that’s not true.

I created the Health on Autopilot framework to teach you how to lose weight and keep it off by building the right habits so that you can be healthy almost on autopilot.


Let me explain how it works.

Stage 1 – Prime and Prep

Here’s where the fun starts.


In Prime and Prep, the focus is to set you up for long term success – so you start with the end in mind.

You’ll implement the First 5 Habits – which are the key to long term weight loss success.


You’ll spend two weeks in Prime and Prep – nailing these basics – by the end of the phase you’ll be ready to launch into the easiest diet you’ve ever been on.


At the end of the two weeks, I’ll perform a Nutrition Audit. This is looking through everything you’ve eaten over the last few weeks and talking through tweaks and changes you can make to improve your energy, confidence, and enable weight loss.

Then we’ll hop on a phase swap call and move you into the next phase.

Fitness is just natural.jpg

Stage 2 – Empower and Energise

This is the fat loss phase – but it isn’t about dieting hard. Together we’ll set your goals and create a clear plan to get you there. During this phase we’ll focus on gaining gym confidence and building a routine.



This phase is also about nailing the First 5 in place and getting them from good to great.

By the end of this phase you’ll have hit your goal weight, body confidence will be at an all time high, and you’ll even have the option to commemorate it with a photoshoot.


Finally, you’ll move into my favourite phase.

Alice beefy boys section.jpg

Stage 3 – Strong and Sustained

This is what conventional ‘diets’ miss – they don’t teach you how to keep it off. This phase is 6 months of maintaining your weight loss and removing calorie tracking through our RCT method.


Once you’ve maintained your weight loss for at least 6 months (the sign of a successful diet) – you’ll be ready to graduate Team HMF and move into our Thriver or Maintainer programmes.


Sounds cool – but what do I actually get?


Let’s run through it...

How 1-2-1 Coaching Solves Your Inconsistency

Inconsistency comes down to a lack of accountability and not knowing how to navigate around hurdles.


Accountability isn’t an issue. You’ve always got your PT in your Pocket. With daily communication (Monday – Friday) with me, I’m here to keep you cracking on – even when you don’t feel like it yourself.


Your Weekly Check Ins are the perfect way to review your week and set your intentions for the new week. You gain clarity over your week from an expert. Any potential hurdles are squashed before they even come up so you can go into your week with a clear plan of action.

Finally, the Monthly Motivator Calls are all about diving deep into your mindset hurdles. Anything that’s stopping you from feeling motivated or any challenges that are cropping up we dig into. You’ll leave each call knowing EXACTLY how to tackle those hurdles that have always stopped you before.

They’re basically health and fitness therapy.

How 1-2-1 Coaching Solves Your Confusion


Knowing what to do for your workouts won’t be an issue anymore. You’ll have a Bespoke Training Plan in your pocket designed around your personal goals. Whether you’re ready to take on a physical challenge, want to beat your PBs, or just be a gym girlie through and through. Your training plan will get you there.

And when it comes to nutrition, you won’t receive a cookie-cutter meal plan. The first two weeks of Prime and Prep will be my chance to assess your nutrition and suggest tweaks and changes around what you’re already doing – rather than overhauling your entire routine. It’s personalised nutrition coaching that evolves with your goals.

PLUS you’ll always be learning with our themed months and educational resources. That means you’ll finally KNOW why you do the things you do, how to change those unhelpful behaviours, and how to do it long term.

With each new month comes a new Masterclass, Mission, and BTS Expert Training to teach you everything you need to know AND put it into practice (without the jargon or useless bits).

Finally, you’ll be able to catch up with everything you’ve missed PLUS access additional resources, recipes, and much more to make your journey as easy as possible inside the HMF Hub.

How 1-2-1 Coaching Builds Your Confidence


Confidence comes from the act of showing up. So having daily goals to work towards means you’re showing up for yourself every single day. Plus with our accountability system and small habits – it’s nearly impossible NOT to show up for yourself and grow your confidence.

As you gain confidence in the gym, your nutrition, and your habits – your body confidence will soar.

The Breakdown

  • PT in your pocket (Worth £50 a month)

  • Monthly Motivator calls (Worth £100 a month)

  • Weekly Check Ins (Worth £50 a month)

  • Bespoke Training programme (Worth £30 per month)

  • Nutrition coaching (Worth £50 per month)

  • Community access including  (Worth £50 a month)

    • Monthly Missions ​

    • Whatsapp Community Group

    • Facebook Group with a weekly live

  • HMF Hub (Worth £50 per month) plus every month there's a:​​

    • New Masterclass (Worth £25 a month)​

    • New BTS Expert Training (Worth £25 a month)

  • PLUS the optional extra of a photoshoot (Worth £200)

TOTAL VALUE = £430 a month

You pay less than half of that!


Get all this for £199 a month when you join.

(With a 3 month minimum commitment - not needed upfront)

So what are the next steps?

Option 1: Keep doing what you’re doing. Spend the next 10 years on the dieting rollercoaster, going to extremes and losing the same 10lbs over and over again. 

Option 2: Learn how to lose weight and keep it off by building sustainable habits and make this the last time you start.


And if option 2 tickles your pickle, click the big blue button below, fill out your details, and book in for a free call to talk through how I can help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

This call is to ensure that I can actually help you. I only work with a limited number of people at one time – so this call ensures that only people that I can help, sign up.

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