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7 Uncomfortable Truths About Weight Loss

If you’ve spent most of your life so far wrapped under diet culture's heavy cloak, starting your first diet before you were 20 and spending every year up until now doing SOME sort of diet.

You’re going to feel a little beaten up.

The dieting industry has done you dirty.

But now it’s time to step out of the shadows of the diet culture cape and finally make this the last time you start.

And whilst you may not want to face them right now (these truths might sting a little) once you’ve accepted them – you’ll be ready to unlock a version of you who is healthy, confident, and a living legend amongst your friends.

You’ll be the one who lost weight and kept it off.

You’ll never have to diet again.

You’ll feel more confident as you step into this new version of you.


Okay let’s begin.

Truth #1 Quicker doesn’t = better

“I’ve lost 10lbs in 2 weeks” shouts your friend with her badge of honour.

Wow she lost that so fast… I’m only 3lbs down – you think to yourself.

The thing is – losing weight quicker – doesn’t mean it’s better.

These quick fixes are always unsustainable and don’t teach you anything (other than how to eat very little and want to cry all the time)

The sign of any successful diet isn’t how fast you lose weight – it’s how long you keep it off for.

Truth #2 90% of what you know about dieting comes from diet culture (and it’s time to unlearn that if you want to lose weight and keep it off)

Diet culture is so far ingrained into our society that it’s hard to separate what is and what isn’t diet culture these days.

From the programmes you watch on TV to the podcasts you listen to… it’s all tied in there.

It’s the “Ohh no I can’t have that, I’m on a diet” comment in the office.

And then “You don’t need to lose weight… you’re fine as you are” that makes you feel even worse about your body.

The perfectionist mindset about your health and the only example of “health” you have is to be smaller.

Diet culture has taught you everything you know – from your mindset to your nutrition. But it’s going to be worth learning a new way of thinking.

Truth #3 Weight loss is simple… but that doesn’t mean it’s easy  

Weight loss is simple. Calories in need to be lower than calories out.

Repeat that over time = calorie deficit and weight loss.

But creating that calorie deficit is easier said than done when:

  • You’re an emotional eater

  • A long day of work = Glass (Bottle) of wine

  • You haven’t got hours and hours to workout or do your steps

  • Your career driven and sometimes work comes first

  • You’re not always first on your own priority list

That’s why losing weight sometimes needs you to get down to the bottom of some uncomfortable truths.

Why do you emotionally eat? What’s the trigger?

Why do you drink a glass of wine every evening that you’re stressed?

How can you be a healthy person even if you DON’T have hours to train?

How can we get you back to number 1 on your priority list WITHOUT compromising your giving nature?

All the reasons you’ve struggle to lose weight/ keep it off in the past need to be address if you want this to be the last time that you start.

Truth #4 Losing weight and Keeping It Off are two different skills. They require you to learn two different skill sets.

But don’t be mistaken… that doesn’t mean you can’t START learning how to maintain at the beginning of your weight loss journey.

That’s how my Health on Autopilot method works – you start with the end in mind.

Stage 1 – Prime and Prep is all about setting the foundations for long term success. This is where we set you up with the habits that you’ll need to lose weight AND keep it off.

Stage 2 - Empower and Energise is focusing on fat loss – this is where your scale weight goes down – whilst your confidence and energy go up.

Stage 3 – Strong and Sustained – this phase is my favourite. It’s focused on removing tracking so that your habits stand on their own. We solidify your habits in place and put your Health on Autopilot.

Learning these two different skillsets is KEY if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

Truth #5 Stop focusing on what happens overnight (focus on the trend over time)

You don’t gain or lose a pound of body fat overnight.

That’s not how bodies work.

So if you step on the scales and all of a sudden they’re up… panic not.

It’s probably water.

Focus on the trend overtime, not overnight. That’s how you can see what’s going on.

If the scales are trending down – you’re losing weight.

Truth #6 If you want to get off the dieting treadmill, you’ve got to handle more than the surface level stuff.

Now here’s the thing…

Nobody wants to admit that their copying mechanism for when they’re stressed is eating a whole bar of Dairy Milk.

But then having your big action plan to stop this being…

“Don’t eat the Dairy Milk”

If you want to ACTUALLY make a change – you’ve got to dig a little bit deeper.

Get down under the surface and actually address what’s going on.

If you’re afraid to dig a little deeper – you’re going to struggle to lose weight and keep it off.

Truth #7 Perfectionism serves children, not adults.

Perfectionism serves children…

It helps them get good grades.

Get into good unis.

And then do what they SHOULD afterwards.

Perfectionism served you well.

But as an adult?

You don’t need to get 10/10 on your spelling test… you just need to be consistent now.

And that’s where most people get it wrong.

They try to be perfect with their health habits.

And when they’re not perfect – they bounce to “not at all”.

Which leaves them in a sticky wicket.

Because they’re flip-flopping between all and nothing and ending up not getting anywhere.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off… you’ve got to ditch the perfectionism.

How to lose weight and keep it off: The Ultimate Truth

If you’re fed up doing being stuck on the same dieting treadmill – it’s time to make this the last time you start.

Build better health habits that do the work for you, learn the skills for fat loss and how to maintain it long term.

Be comfortable with confronting the uncomfortable.

You deserve to have a body you feel confident in. You deserve to be healthy.


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