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Holly has helped me build a healthy workout routine that fits around my commitments and makes me feel good about myself. She truly listens to your motivations and wants to help you become the best version of you! I went from hating exercise to enjoying it for the first time in years. I couldn’t do it without Holly’s help! For anyone feeling unsure about where to start with exercise, Holly is the best place to start!

After a few weeks I’m already noticing such a change physically and mentally with exercises I never thought I could do becoming easier and finally being able to lift all the heavy stuff at work (without having to ask a man for help). I would recommend Holly to absolutely everyone and am super excited to carry on working together!

Sophie Scutt.jpg

After working with Holly for a couple of months now, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her! Her sessions are really enjoyable and equally challenging. She has given me the confidence to try equipment I would never dare try in the past. I am much stronger physically and mentally since working with her and she is always there for support out of sessions. Each session is different and she is always committed to making them fun and rewarding.

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