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Q: How the DICKENS does a girl with a strong Yorkshire accent help over 200 women to lose up to 30kg and keep it off by doing the polar opposite of what every Slimming Club Karen has told you?

In t’ Norf.png

A: By using the exact blueprint she wants to give you in her new £3.33 a day coaching programme.

(That’s right it costs less than a cuppa coffee a day!)


The Healthy Habits Club

When you join, you'll learn:

  • How to lose up to 25kg (and keep it off) by building sustainable habits into your daily life.

  • The secret to consistency with a method to stop you from ever falling off track again.

  • The exact changes you need to make to your habits for minimal effort, maximum return and to make this the last time you start.

Sound good?

Dear Gentle-Reader       (Sorry I've been watching too much Bridgerton.)

Dear Friend,

Dieting as you know it, is slowly dying.


Slimming Club Karen and her diet culture ways have been far reaching for far too long.

She’s had her tentacles all up in your business, ruining your relationship with food, teaching you extremes when it comes to exercise, and leaving you trapped in the ‘on again, off again cycle’.

Now it’s time to change.


More and more people have been ‘seeing through’ the fad diet BS and they’re realising one thing...


Surely there’s got to be a better way?!

And I’m going to take a punt – that's where you are too.

(Otherwise, if you’re looking for another fad diet – just ‘X’ this page right now – you won’t find any quick fixes or magic hacks here – save your time).


The good news is – if you haven’t X’d the page yet, then you're probably in the right place.

And now we’ve got rid of those people who aren’t quite ready to ditch diet culture for good, it’s time to spill the secrets.

Back in 2019, I was in the exact same position as you. I’d done the diets, bought the t-shirt, it fit for a while... and then I’d put it all back on again.

Round and round on the dieting rollercoaster – you name it, I’d tried it.

But then it hit me...


As I sat in my bedroom drying my hair, staring at my body in the mirror, not feeling great about what I saw... I figure that if I wanted to make REAL change – these diets would never work. They were all crowbarred onto my life – and they never changed my day to day actions long term.

Me transformation.png


I thought to myself. I’ve got it.

If I really want to lose weight, keep it off, and become the version of myself who other people look at and think ‘How did she do it?!’ - then I need to find something that integrates into my life.


Well, not quite yet... I had some work to do.

I spent the next 18 months making changes to my life, walking more, eating better quality food, learning how to workout, and changing my health habits. I lost 20kg (that’s 3 stone in old money) and dropped from size 16 to a size 10.


I was pretty chuffed with myself.

But I’d lost weight before... How did I know I’d keep it off?

Well the thing is... I’d created a new life for myself. I’d created a new identity.

This version of Holly was healthy, she exercises regularly, she ate nutritious food, and spent her days BEING a healthy person. The option to go ‘back to normal’ wasn’t there because... well this was the new normal for me now.


I felt stronger, fitter, healthier, and way more confident in my body and my clothes.


I was... as the kids say – feeling like a bad b.

Keeping the weight off for the last 4 years hasn’t been an issue – I've done it almost on autopilot thanks to the habits I started building back in 2019.

^^ Will you stop chiming in too early, we’re not quite there yet...

When I qualified as a PT and a nutritionist, I needed to make sure that I wasn’t just an anomaly – I didn't want to be another

“It worked for me and nobody else” Charleton.

So I created the Health on Autopilot framework. It’s a 3 step process that makes this the last time you start.


Health on Autopilot.png

In Prime and Prep – we do just that. We prime and prep your body for dieting through laying the foundations. You wouldn’t build a house on dodgy foundations, why would you do the same with your health and fitness?!

We’ll build in the First 5 Habits – the foundational habits – and start making changes from there.

Then we move to Empower and Energise. This is the ‘fat loss phase’. But I like to think of it as more – we focus on building a routine and getting you consistent AF whilst the weight drops off.

Me and you focus on your inputs – the outputs will come eventually.


Finally, we move to Strong and Sustained (this is my favourite phase). It’s what every diet you’ve ever been on has missed…


In this phase, we remove calorie tracking and nail down your new habits and identity. We focus on maintaining your weight loss and getting you to a place where your habits feel second nature.




Well, put it this way...

Ronnie lost XX and has been maintaining that loss for Y years now.

Ronnie Brennan Transformation.png

Imogen lost 8kg and has been maintaining that loss for 12 months now.

Imogen Photoshoot.png

Kate lost 20kg and has just started her journey to maintaining it.

Kate Metcalf.png

And they aren’t the only ones.

Saff photoshoot.png
Saff side by side photoshoot.png
Gaby Mattina.png
Emily photoshoot IG.png
Mana side by side photoshoot.png


Nailed it - it's the right time now.

So I decided to create the Healthy Habits Club. I wanted to make this method available to every woman who was serious about ditching diet culture for good at a smidgen of the price of my 1-2-1 coaching.

I take you through it step by step inside the Healthy Habits Club – so you can lose weight and keep it off for good.


However, the Healthy Habits Club has a flaw (Catch a Slimming Club Karen telling you there’s a flaw in HER plan – we'd never see the day).

In order to make it accessible to as many people as possible and keep the price at only £99 a month...

It has significantly less accountability than my 1-2-1 coaching programme. We’ll only speak via message and an initial onboarding call when you first sign up. (Whereas with 1-2-1 coaching we’ll have a 30 minute Monthly Motivator video call every month and you’ll receive a personalised video check in from me every week. If that sounds more up your street – click here to find out more).


But if you think - “hey I don’t need that EXTRA accountability – I just need nudges in the right direction” then here’s what you get as part of the Healthy Habits Club:

  • PT in your pocket - daily message support Monday – Friday (Worth £50 a month)

  • Bespoke Training programme (Worth £30 per month)

  • Nutrition coaching (Worth £50 per month)

  • Community access including  (Worth £50 a month)

    • Monthly Missions ​

    • Whatsapp Community Group

    • Facebook Group with a weekly live

  • HMF Hub (Worth £50 per month) plus every month there's a:​​

    • New Masterclass (Worth £25 a month)​

    • New BTS Expert Training (Worth £25 a month)

TOTAL VALUE = £280 a month

You pay less than half of that!


Get all this for £99 a month when you join.

(With a 3 month minimum commitment - not needed upfront)

So if you’re ready to join the Healthy Habits Club and finally make this the last time you start…


Once you’ve popped in your details – a confirmation email will be on it’s way – the first steps?

Book in for your Welcome Call where I’ll get to know you a little better and then I’ll get to work building your programme.

Crickey you're still reading?! 

Do you just like the sound of my written voice? (I do…)

But hmmm okay…


I guess that means you might have some questions – something I’ve not quite covered.

I’m just going to consult my crystal ball and see what you might be thinking…



I’m not looking to lose weight but I love the idea of the Healthy Habits Club – can I still join?

Absolutely. Chances are if you’ve read to this point at least something on this page resonated with you (if not you must really like reading what I write).

So the three phases of the Health on Autopilot framework will still apply – just take the words 'weight loss' out of it and we’ll still focus on laying some strong foundations and getting you healthier, fitter, stronger, and more confident in your body.


Do I need to buy anything else once I’ve joined? Are you going to give me loads of secret add costs?

Kinda… (well they're not secret if I'm telling you about them now). If you want to work out a gym – then you’ll need a gym membership. But there’s also an option to workout at home if that’s not something you want to do.

Other than that – everything else is included.

I don’t need nutrition coaching – can I just get the training plan separately?


Yes. It will cost £99 a month… So you might as well get it included.


When does the payment come out?


Same date every month. Once you’ve clicked the button that says ‘join the club’ down below and popped your details in, the money will come out on the same date every month.


(And if you need to change the date for whatever reason just holler, I’m not an animal.)


I’m a complete beginner in the gym – does that matter?


Nope. 90% of the people I work with are either complete beginners to the gym or this isn’t their first rodeo but they’re not currently in the habit of going to the gym.

All abilities welcome but if you’re an elite athlete… you’re probably better off going to someone else.

How fast will I lose weight?


Super duper fast. No I’m just kidding… it really depends. This isn’t a quick fix where you’ll lose 2 stone in 2 months – this is about making a sustainable change.


Anyway... It’s never about how fast you can lose weight, it's about keeping it off.

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